Tool Competition

This year as well we are pleased to announce the eleventh edition of the testing tool competition. The competition has the goal to experiment with testing tools for a diversified set of traditional and emerging systems and domains.

Java Tool Competition


As for recent years, we invite researchers to participate in the competition with their unit test generation tool for Java. Tools will be evaluated against a benchmark with respect to code coverage and mutation score.

Java test example

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) testing competition

In addition to the traditional Java tool competition, we also organize a CPS testing competition on self-driving cars simulation environments. Specifically, in collaboration with the BeamNG research team, this competition focuses on the generation of scenarios using BeamNG self-driving cars simulator. More information on how to participate, follow this link.

Beam-NG Visual 1
Beam-NG Visual 2

Fuzzing Competition


Starting this year, we will hold a Fuzzing Tool competition. We are going to use FuzzBench as a benchmarking tool for the fuzzers. The details on how to submit your fuzzer can be found here.


How to participate in the competitions?

To participate:

Check out the contest infrastructure and make sure your tool works well within it.

Java Infrastructure:

Details on how to integrate your test generator in the benchmarking infrastructure can be found here.

CPS Infrastructure:

The infrastructure concerning the CPS tool competition can be found here:

Fuzzing Infrastructure:

Details on how to integrate your fuzzer in the benchmarking infrastructure can be found here.

Important Dates

  • Tool submission: January 20 2023
  • Benchmark results communicated to authors: February 21 2023
  • Submission of camera-ready paper: March 17 2023